SanDisk is running a massive promotion across the UAE, giving consumers a chance to win big. Buy any SanDisk product over 32GB ranging from USBs to Mobile Storage Solutions, and everything in between to get a coupon to enter the raffle draw. The promotion runs from 15th June to 12thAugust and three lucky winners will win prizes including half a kilo of Gold for the first prize, a 25,000 AED voucher from DNATA as a second prize, and 15000 AED voucher from DNATA Travel as third prize.


“As a leading global storage provider, Western Digital Corporation takes pride in delivering high performance SanDisk products that are durable, fast, and capable of storing large amounts of content so our consumers can enjoy important life moments without worrying about saving their memories,” said Tareq Husseini, SanDisk Regional Sales Director, Middle East & Africa, WDC. “We continuously strive to raise the bar and cater to our customers through the evolution of our products, and we are excited to offer an opportunity to reward our customers this Summer.”