Waze is introducing a new feature that EV drivers will appreciate

Waze is introducing a new feature that EV drivers will appreciate

Range anxiety, or the fear of running out of battery power while driving, is a common concern among electric vehicle (EV) owners. To address this, Waze, a Google-owned navigation app, has added a new feature that may alleviate the concerns of EV drivers.

The most recent Waze update includes information on EV charging stations to assist users in planning routes that include charging stops. The feature also allows drivers to filter charging station search results based on their EV model and the type of charging port it has. This ensures that drivers are only shown charging stations that are relevant to their specific vehicle, preventing them from driving to a station that lacks the amenities their vehicle requires.

This feature is a welcome addition for the over three million EV owners in the United States who rely on public charging stations to keep their vehicles charged during long trips. The White House acknowledged the importance of expanding the charging network to make EV charging a seamless experience in a statement issued on February 15, 2023.

The statement also mentioned various companies’ commitments to expand their charging networks by thousands of public charging ports over the next two years, including Tesla, General Motors, EVgo, Hertz, and BP. Furthermore, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy finalised new requirements to make charging EVs more convenient and reliable for all Americans, regardless of car model or state of charging.

Waze is just one of many technology companies stepping up to address the challenges of owning an electric vehicle. Waze is helping drivers plan their journeys more effectively by incorporating information on EV charging stations into their app, alleviating their concerns about range anxiety. With the EV market expanding, it is critical that companies collaborate to improve charging infrastructure and make EV ownership accessible and convenient for all.

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