Ways To Mount OneDrive On Your Mac Computer

Ways To Mount OneDrive On Your Mac Computer

Wondering if it’s possible to access Microsoft OneDrive storage on your Mac computer? Then, this post is definitely something you need.

For those unfamiliar with Microsoft OneDrive, it’s a great alternative to other popular solutions like DropBox and Google Drive. It comes as default for Windows users and is deeply integrated into the Windows operating system.   However, Mac users have to use a browser or download the OneDrive apps to access their files. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular methods and analyze their advantages and downsides.

Using OneDrive

You can go simple and use Microsoft OneDrive onto your Mac to work directly with the cloud storage. Still, despite the seeming convenience of this method, it might take up a lot of your valuable space to backup and sync all local files.

Using Commander One

A great alternative to the previous method might be mounting OneDrive as a network drive with the help of Commander One OneDrive is definitely friends with.

Commander One is a win-win solution that enables loads of non-native apps to run smoothly on Mac machines. And OneDrive is no exception.