Volkswagen's ID.2all Concept: Embracing Buttons Over Touch Controls

Volkswagen’s ID.2all Concept: Embracing Buttons Over Touch Controls

So, you know how touch controls have their fans, but not everyone’s a fan? Well, Volkswagen seems to have gotten the memo, especially after the whole MacBook Pro Touch Bar saga. In a twist of events, the ID.2all concept electric car, showcased at the Volkswagen City Studio in Copenhagen, decided to bring back a touch of the past—literally. The interior got a little facelift, and guess what’s making a comeback? Physical buttons! Yep, the ones you can actually touch.

Darius Watola, the interior designer at Volkswagen, spilled the beans, mentioning this switch to physical buttons is a “new approach for all models.” And why the change? Apparently, it’s based on recent feedback from customers, particularly those in Europe who voiced their desire for “more physical buttons.” Seems like the nostalgia for the good ol’ tactile feel is real.