Volkswagen Unveils the ID.7 Tourer: A New Electric Wagon Set to Redefine Practicality

Volkswagen's First All-Electric Estate Takes the Stage with Impressive Cargo Space

Exciting news for electric vehicle enthusiasts – the electric wagon segment is about to get a significant boost with the arrival of a brand-new addition. However, before you get too thrilled, if you reside in the United States, you might need to hold off your excitement, as the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer, showcased in the gallery here, is likely not destined for the American market. These are the initial teaser images of this zero-emissions estate, and further details are set to be revealed in the upcoming months, including the markets where it will be available.

After a remarkable six decades in the wagon segment, Volkswagen is gearing up to introduce its very first all-electric station wagon. The ID.7 Tourer is the practical sibling of the ID.7 sedan, which is already making its way into Volkswagen showrooms across Europe. With a sleek profile and an aerodynamically optimized body, the ID.7 Tourer boasts a drag coefficient of 0.24, just marginally less streamlined than the electric sedan, which possesses a Cd of 0.23.