Vivoka Unveils Offline AI Voice Interaction System at CES 2024

Vivoka Unveils Offline AI Voice Interaction System at CES 2024

French software firm Vivoka unveiled an offline AI voice interaction system at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, aiming to lead innovation in voice technologies.

Vivoka developed a voice-powered video game enabling developers worldwide to build voice-controlled apps. They also created a mobile app to support existing products like their smart glasses.

“You’re hands-free and super augmented with display in your eyes. The device lets you navigate by voice,” explained COO Emmanuel Chaligné.

Say “camera” and it activates; say “take picture” and the glasses snap a shot.

Vivoka’s flagship is the VDK – Voice Development Kit. It’s the first SDK combining advanced voice technologies in one tool, allowing developers to create voice experiences that work offline, securing data while delivering cloud-like performance.

The COO said VDK helps developers design voice apps for devices and appliances.

“By combining the best voice technologies, VDK ensures builders and innovators can enable voice interactions seamlessly, like Apple bringing AI to devices,” Chaligné stated.

Vivoka claims over 100 global customers, positioning itself at the forefront of voice interfaces.

“We’re excited to see constant interest from companies wanting voice experiences, ditching keyboards and screens, yet achieving their goals,” Chaligné said.

In simple terms, VDK enables natural voice interactions offline by integrating various technologies.

Vivoka now focuses on “working on edge,” enabling offline task completion without internet, Chaligné noted.

“It makes no sense to lose keyboard/touchscreen when offline. This is the future.”

So this year, Vivoka will introduce new tech removing noisy environments from the equation, capturing information effectively.

“We’re trying to eliminate complexity,” Chaligné hinted regarding their upcoming video game tech.

The innovation is expected by mid-2024. “We believe the new wave of voice AI is coming this year,” concluded Chaligné.