Verstappen's Only Vulnerability is Himself, Says Glock

Verstappen’s Only Vulnerability is Himself, Says Glock

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock believes that Max Verstappen’s dominance in this year’s championship is so significant that the only thing that can prevent him from winning the World title is his own mistakes. Verstappen, who claimed last year’s championship with ease, is on course for a third consecutive Drivers’ Championship, currently leading his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez by 39 points after securing his fourth victory of the season.

Verstappen’s latest triumph came at the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, where he delivered a memorable lap that Red Bull team principal Christian Horner described as one of the best in the event’s history. In stark contrast, Perez endured a disastrous qualifying session, crashing out in Q1. Starting from opposite ends of the grid, Verstappen enjoyed a relatively trouble-free race, while Perez faced multiple incidents, damaging his car’s front wing and colliding with Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen.

By winning in Monaco and following it up with a victory in the Miami Grand Prix, Verstappen not only extended his championship lead but also dashed Perez’s aspirations of claiming the unofficial title of “King of the Streets.” Observing Verstappen’s exceptional form, Glock predicts that the only way he can be defeated is if he makes critical errors himself.

Glock expressed his thoughts in his recent column for Sky Deutschland, stating, “With his 39th victory for Red Bull, Max Verstappen currently feels that there are no limits for him. He is currently the benchmark on all tracks and in all conditions. Unless technical issues arise, it will be extremely difficult to beat him.”

However, whether Verstappen remains in Formula 1 long enough to challenge the record of seven World titles is uncertain. The 25-year-old driver has already indicated that he may explore other racing series once his current Red Bull contract expires in 2028. Glock acknowledges Verstappen’s potential and suggests that the decision ultimately rests with the driver.

“At 25, Verstappen can still achieve anything; the only question is whether he wants to,” Glock commented. “He has mentioned on occasion that he is unsure how long he can handle the stress of Formula 1, especially with the increasing number of races. However, he is committed to fulfilling his Red Bull contract, and until then, we can expect to witness many more victories from him.”

As Verstappen continues to dominate the championship, his performance remains a source of intrigue for fans and experts alike, leaving the Formula 1 community eager to see how his career unfolds in the coming years.