Underground Robot Delivery Debuts in Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Underground Robot Delivery Debuts in Peachtree Corners, Georgia

An underground army of autonomous robots is now zipping along beneath the streets of Peachtree Corners, Georgia delivering goods to residents. It’s the world’s first underground robot delivery system created by logistics company Pipedream.

The high-tech tunnels connect a busy shopping center to an innovation hub run by Curiosity Labs in one of America’s first smart cities. Customers can order food from restaurants or grab convenience items, and Pipedream’s mobile robots will transport it through the underground rail network.

The electrically-powered robots can hit speeds over 40mph and carry loads up to 40 pounds. So whether you need groceries for the week or a family meal, these bots have got you covered.

Once an order is placed, the robots navigatively the maze of tunnels and deliver items directly to customers above ground through temperature-controlled portals. Talk about convenience!

City officials are pumped about the system reducing traffic and emissions by taking delivery vehicles off the roads. Pipedream says their underground approach can eliminate congestion and pollution from last-mile logistics.

Their 1 mile tunnel network in Peachtree Corners is just the beginning too. The company envisions a future of “hyperlogistics” where items are delivered in under 10 minutes for less than $1.

Pipedream wants to redirect all US delivery traffic underground by 2030 when it’s projected to account for 40% of traffic. That would not only reduce emissions but also offer cheap, instant delivery that generates revenue for cities.



The automated pickup stations would allow businesses to increase capacity without traffic jams in drive-thrus or stores. It’s a seriously sci-fi solution to congestion and pollution from deliveries.

Pipedream still has big dreams of expanding globally. But for now, residents of Peachtree Corners can feel like they’re living in the future with meal deliveries zipping beneath their feet at 40mph.