Uber Launches Ride Tracker on iPhone Lock Screen: What You Need to Know

Uber Launches Ride Tracker on iPhone Lock Screen: What You Need to Know

Uber has unveiled a new update for its iPhone app, providing customers with a convenient way to keep track of their ride. The latest update includes support for Live Activities, an iOS 16 feature that allows real-time events from compatible apps to appear on top of the lock screen and Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 when unlocked.

With Uber’s implementation of Live Activities, users can now view the live progress of their ride, including the latest estimated time of arrival and trip status. This includes information such as whether the driver is already waiting and if the ride has been completed, as well as the vehicle type and license plate number of the car.

Live Activities has been in testing in select regions over the past few months, and this latest release makes it available worldwide. The feature was announced by Apple at WWDC last year, and Uber’s spokesperson has confirmed that the Uber Eats app will support Live Activities in the near future.

Alongside Live Activities, Uber has also updated its app to streamline the user experience. The new Services tab allows customers to easily find all of the company’s available services in their city. Additionally, the Activity Hub now tracks past and upcoming rides and Eats orders, providing a quick and easy way to keep track of their Uber activity.

The update reflects Uber’s commitment to providing an optimal experience for its customers. By incorporating Live Activities and simplifying the homescreen experience, the ride-hailing giant continues to improve its app and make transportation and food delivery as effortless as possible.

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