Twitter is discontinuing its free API; here's what will go wrong

Twitter is discontinuing its free API; here’s what will go wrong

Pulling the rug out from under developers may seem to be the least of Elon Musk’s once-unthinkable moves since taking over Twitter. Twitter declared that it will no longer enable any developer to utilise its APIs for free after abruptly banning third-party clients.

Twitter has said little about the changes so far, other than confirming a February 9th cut-off date. Musk has hinted that Twitter may charge $100 per month “with ID verification,” but has not provided any details. We do know that if free access is discontinued, hundreds of applications, research projects, bots, and other services would cease to operate (or, at the very least, be interrupted). If you use Twitter, chances are you’ll be affected in some manner, and you shouldn’t put it off until it’s too late.

Modify your login information for applications where you’ve logged in using Twitter.