TweetDeck to Become Exclusive to Paying Subscribers

In a recent announcement, the popular tweet management tool, TweetDeck, revealed that it will soon be available exclusively to paying subscribers. This change comes as part of a series of updates and adjustments by the parent company to address various issues and enhance the user experience.

TweetDeck has faced challenges recently, with users on the old interface experiencing feed loading problems. Twitter’s implementation of rate limits, restricting tweet views and interactions, also impacted the platform. Additionally, the removal of legacy APIs further contributed to the issues faced by TweetDeck, as confirmed by a Twitter employee. These actions were aimed at combating data scraping and aligning with owner Elon Musk’s strategy.

The new version of TweetDeck is now live, featuring enhanced functionality such as full composer support, integration with Spaces, video docking, and polls. However, the integration with Teams is temporarily unavailable but will be reinstated in the coming weeks. Users will need to import their saved columns from the previous version upon first use, while saved searches and lists will be carried over seamlessly.

The most significant change is that, starting 29 days from now (July 4), access to TweetDeck will require users to be Verified, meaning they must become paying subscribers. This move aligns with Musk’s goal of increasing the number of Twitter users who subscribe to premium services. Verification, indicated by the blue tick next to a profile name, was previously crucial for high-profile accounts to establish authenticity. However, under Musk’s leadership, the blue tick has become a subscription-based service, changing the perception of verified profiles.

Furthermore, Twitter recently introduced charges for developers accessing its API for integration with third-party apps, further demonstrating the company’s shift toward monetization strategies.

As TweetDeck transitions into an exclusive offering for paying subscribers, users will need to consider the new subscription model to continue utilizing its features. This decision is part of the broader evolution of Twitter under Musk’s ownership, as the platform explores various avenues to enhance user engagement and generate revenue.