TP-Link Deco P9 Review

TP-Link Deco P9 Review

Mesh Wifi Systems have taken the world by storm, bringing with them, the ability to distribute Wifi uniformly across home and as such, improve the overall WiFi performance without the need to incorporate range extenders. These mesh systems come in sleek packaging and can fit into any decor with apparent ease, and thus make it an obvious choice for people who have a bigger homes and a taste for great design. However, like all other technology, mesh systems today still suffer from “dark spot” problems, where signals sometimes cannot propagate through thick walls, creating dead zones within the home.

Brands across the market are obviously looking for a solution to this issue, but it looks like TP-Link is ready to jump the queue with their new Deco P9 mesh system.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the newest contender from the TP-Link camp, the TP-Link Deco P9.

Uniformity and Practicality

The Deco P9 comes as a pack of three, and what you get, are three identical, yet beautifully designed mesh tower elements. For those of you who are new to WiFi mesh systems, it may interest you to know that many of the competing mesh devices in the market feature a ‘main’ unit, with the rest of the mesh elements working under it. However, TP-Link offers you versatility in that respect by giving you three identical towers, so there is no actual ‘main’ unit here as such.

The design itself is quite nondescript, but keen-eyed viewers will notice that the Deco P9 towers are visibly taller than the likes of the Google Nest WiFi or even the Tenda MW6. What this means is that you might notice the towers every time you enter a room, and the sole white finish makes them pop in a room that may have darker furniture. But that said, thanks to the sleek overall design of the towers, they are definitely not an eyesore.

On top of the tower, we have a black grille shaped like the TP-Link logo, and then there is a smaller LED-based TP-Link logo in the center which acts as the status indicator. But here is the fun bit. TP-Link understands that LED-based indicators can be annoying to the eyes at night, so the brand has added the option of switching off the indicator at night, and you can access this feature in their mobile app.

Another little add-on that you get on the Deco P9 towers is the Ethernet port. This ensures stable internet connectivity to LAN based devices that you may have at home.

TP-Link Deco P9 Review
Setup – What’s That?

The TP-Link Deco P9 is one of the easiest to setup.

1. Download the TP-Link iOS/Android application on your smartphone
2. Connect your smartphone any one of the towers
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the mesh system

The whole process takes not less than 5 minutes and the user-friendly app makes this process a treat.

Once the setup is complete, you can start accessing the various features of the Deco P9 mesh system.

The app allows you to create a guest network, blacklist certain devices from accessing the network, prioritize devices on the network (especially if you are into media streaming), and most importantly, the Deco P9 comes with extensive parental controls for the children at home. You can create separate profiles for every member in the family, associate the respective devices to the profile and also track the browsing history of your children so that they don’t end up visiting websites they are not supposed to.

TP-Link Deco P9 Review
High performance Guaranteed

Coming to the most important aspect of mesh Wifi systems, the Deco P9 combines both AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi and AV1000 Powerline capabilities, using your home’s electrical wiring to create a stronger connection between the individual Deco units to improve not only the network speed but the stability and range too, with TP-Link claiming the Deco system can cover an area of up to 6000 square foot – more than enough for most homes.

This combination also means that the P9 can counter the problem faced by most WiFi and mesh Wifi systems today- Transmitting through thick walls. Yes, there are cases where the signal may drop, but when you compare the P9’s thick wall performance to its competitors, you will see that TP-Link has gone miles ahead of the pack.

The TP-Link Deco P9 can accommodate up to 100 devices, which is heaven for those of you who love a smart home setup. We did try it out with a plethora of in-house gadgets.

Pricing and Conclusion

The TP-Link Deco P9 comes with an in-store price of $249, but you can get the setup for a steal on e-retail stores.

All in all, the TP-Link Deco P9 is a go-to solution for people looking for a budget-friendly mesh wifi system, which offers excellent design, all-round features, and top-class performance.

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