Toyota's bZ Compact SUV Concept Teases an Additional Small Electric Crossover

Toyota’s bZ Compact SUV Concept Teases an Additional Small Electric Crossover

Toyota is a little late to the electric vehicle game, with only one totally battery-powered model available in the US thus far: the aptly called bZ4X. It wants to alter that despite being under pressure from pretty much everyone. The business debuted the bZ Compact SUV Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday night to preview the arrival of at least one new EV. It’s essentially a smaller bZ4x with some distinctive inside elements.

Range and power data were not supplied. This is merely a notion to say, “Hey, if you think the bZ4x is too big for you, here’s something smaller we might produce.” Consider the Corolla Cross vs the RAV4.

The bZ Compact SUV Concept resembles the bigger bZ4X on the exterior. The inside of the car had a steering yoke similar to the contemporary bZ, albeit this feature is not available on US-spec models. Curved displays are also included in this design; the existing bZ4X attempts to harness some curved screen energy through the curving of its display surround, but the panels themselves lack contour. Curved screens are used in other vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Taycan, and Lucid Air, thus it’s possible that a production version of the bZ Compact SUV Concept will include this feature. Toyota, on the other hand, is notoriously conservative when it comes to interior design.

Nonetheless, recyclable materials on the interior contribute to the vehicle’s eco-friendliness. There’s also a virtual assistant called “Yui,” which appears to be Toyota’s in-house Amazon Alexa.

This angular idea will most likely become one of Toyota’s five bZ-branded vehicles, constituting only a small portion of the 30 total EVs the firm expects to offer this decade.