Toyota has offered to purchase the recalled bZ4X electric SUVs

Toyota has offered to purchase the recalled bZ4X electric SUVs

Toyota is offering to buy back its bZ4X electric SUV crossovers, which were recalled in June. Toyota initiated the recall only two months after the bZ4X was released, citing unsecured hub nuts on the wheel that might cause it to detach while driving.

Toyota first urged bZ4X owners not to drive the vehicle and to call their local Toyota dealer so that they could pick up and keep the vehicle while waiting for a repair. In exchange, the corporation would supply consumers with a free loaner automobile.

In compensation for the inconvenience, Toyota is giving a $5,000 credit, an extended warranty, and free charging at EVgo-owned charging stations until the end of 2024, according to a letter to consumers (assuming customers get their cars back by then). If an owner is dissatisfied with these alternatives, Toyota says it will purchase back vehicles costing $42,000 or more.

“We understand that when it comes to buying a car, our consumers have several options.” Toyota stated in a statement, “We appreciate their dedication and are assisting them throughout this recall.” “However, if a consumer declines the supplied choices, we will offer to buy their bZ4X,” Toyota says that the repurchase is conditional on the owner’s current status and circumstances.

Neither the letter nor the statement provides any more information on when the problem will be resolved. The recall concerns around 2,700 automobiles, however, it is unknown how many of them have been delivered. The recall also applies to the Subaru Solterra, which is constructed on the same platform.

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Toyota’s first effort at an all-electric car, the bZ4X, is off to a rocky start. Toyota will hopefully work out any remaining glitches before beginning to deliver additional cars and scale up manufacturing to reach its $17 billion aim of launching 30 new EVs by 2030.

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