Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024

Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024

One major advantage Android phones have over iPhones is the sheer variety of models out there from different manufacturers. While Apple keeps things simple by only offering the iPhone on iOS, Android users can choose from dozens of phones from brands like Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus and more.

But all that choice comes with a downside – it can be downright overwhelming trying to pick the right Android device when it’s time to upgrade. Whether you’re switching from iPhone or just unsure where to start, here’s a handy guide to the top 5 Android phones across various budget levels.

Number 1. Google Pixel 8 Pro


Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024


Google’s new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones introduce an array of AI-powered creative tools that make it easier than ever to capture and enhance photos and videos. Powered by the upgraded Tensor G3 chip, the cameras boast features like Magic Eraser for removing unwanted objects from images with a tap. Audio Magic Eraser strips away ambient background noise in videos. And for group shots, Best Take reviews multiple frames to composite everyone looking their best.

Beyond photography, the Pixel 8 lineup adds helpful touches across Android. Call Screen now automatically transcribes robocalls. The Assistant can summarize articles or read them aloud on demand. And everyday performance sees a lift from the faster Tensor chip, brighter displays, better battery life through smart charging, and a more refined physical design.

With their newest Pixels, Google set out to deliver the most well-rounded experience possible on Android, giving users an effortless tool to capture life’s moments while also optimizing productivity and everyday tasks. Packed with AI-enhanced tools for creatives and thoughtfully helpful software features, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro make a compelling case as Android’s top all-around flagship phones.


Number 2. OnePlus 11


Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024


The OnePlus 11 hits a sweet spot for shoppers wanting flagship phone features without the premium price tag. In many ways, it’s like a cheaper Galaxy S23+ – you get the same large 6.7-inch 120Hz display and speedy processor, plus a sizable 5,000 mAh battery that charges insanely fast thanks to 100-watt wired charging.

OnePlus has also stepped up the cameras through its ongoing partnership with Hasselblad. While the 2x optical zoom feels limited, overall image quality shows notable improvements. Other downsides are relatively minor, like IP64 dust/water resistance falling short of pricier rivals.

But with widened carrier support, four years of software updates, and five years of security patches, the OnePlus 11 brings tremendous value at hundreds less than traditional flagships. For shoppers prioritizing screen size, performance and battery life without breaking the bank, it hits a pleasing middle ground between budget phones and premium price points.


Number 3. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024


Samsung’s newest ultra-premium phone, the S24 Ultra, refines an already-stacked flagship with upgrades like a tougher titanium frame, improved 5x zoom camera, and much longer battery life. But the biggest additions are AI features for proofreading, editing, transcribing and more.

On the downside, with a stratospheric $1,300 starting price, prohibitive cost keeps the S24 Ultra strictly as a gadget for the wealthy. Even beside class-leading display quality and trademark S Pen stylus, most shoppers simply don’t have that kind of money to spare.

By polishing an already cutting-edge package with nifty AI productivity tools, the S24 Ultra makes a case as the most capable premium Samsung ever. Yet while tech enthusiasts can appreciate the bleeding-edge advances, average consumers will balk at the four-figure price tag. For well-heeled buyers only, the S24 Ultra offers device excess at its finest.


Number 4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 remains the top choice for those seeking a big-screen foldable phone optimized for productivity. Samsung bolstered multitasking capabilities with new gestures for split-screen use and app switching, plus increased the recent apps visible onscreen from 2 to 4.

Performance gets a further boost from the upgraded Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which outruns Google’s new Pixel Fold despite Samsung’s slightly smaller 4,400 mAh battery paradoxically lasting longer. And the redesigned Flex Hinge finally allows the Fold 5 to close completely flat while making the body sleeker.

Downsides are relatively minor – the camera carries over largely unchanged, and stratospheric pricing still starts at an unaffordable $1,800. But for shoppers prioritizing productivity from a foldable, the Z Fold 5 sets the bar. Between enhancements providing slicker and more powerful multitasking, Samsung retains the crown for big-screen innovation. Just expect to pay a premium for that cutting-edge flexibility.


Number 5. Google Pixel 7a


Top 5 Android Phones to buy in 2024


Google’s Pixel 7a delivers everything you’d want in a high-value Android phone for just $500. An upgraded Tensor G2 chip provides a performance boost, while the smooth 90Hz display is a first for Google’s affordable A-series. Wireless charging support also makes its debut here.

The Pixel 7a sports a refreshed design bringing flagship-level flourishes like IP67 water resistance downmarket while still undercutting the Pixel 7 by $100. Software support remains a highlight with five years of security updates and three years of OS updates pledged.

Downsides are minor – there’s no telephoto camera, and mmWave 5G requires paying $50 more for a special Verizon model. But with most core features of Google’s premium phones packed into a more attainable package, the Pixel 7a brings phenomenal value. For shoppers focused on basics like smooth software, a great camera, long support lifespan, and a premium-feeling build at budget pricing, it delivers in spades.