To avoid damage, Tesla can now check for potholes and modify vehicle suspension

To avoid damage, Tesla can now check for potholes and modify vehicle suspension

Tesla’s latest software update features a cool-sounding function that might avoid a lot of underbody damage — and possibly some driver injury as well. The update (2022.20) will allow Tesla vehicles to scan the road ahead for potholes and modify the suspension to accommodate for bumpy roads, according to the release notes.

Tesla owners can enable the new option by choosing “Comfort” from the Adaptive Suspension Damping menu. However, the new feature may be location-dependent, which means it may not be available for every pothole and road fracture. According to the release notes, “this change may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data created by Tesla automobiles.”

Notably, the software upgrade does not apply to Autopilot or Full Self-Driving mode, which means the vehicle will not attempt to steer around or avoid road damage. Elon Musk has stated that Tesla is working on a deterrence system that uses 3D labeling to build pothole maps, although this feature appears to be in the works. Automatic suspension adjustments, on the other hand, are nothing to scoff at. This could save drivers from a lot of car damage that would otherwise be unavoidable.

A green light chime is also included in the update to help reduce driver attention. We’ve all been stuck behind someone who is more concerned with their phone than the traffic signal ahead. This new tool may assist to avoid road rage incidents, or at the very least reduce the likelihood of being honked at by motorists waiting behind you.

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According to reports, the green light feature will only operate with vehicles that have the hardware 3.0 computer, also known as the self-driving computer. “This sound is just intended to serve as a notification,” the notes explain. “It is the driver’s responsibility to watch their surroundings and make appropriate decisions.”

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