Titan raises $30 million from Automattic at a $300 million valuation

Titan raises $30 million from Automattic at a $300 million valuation

Bhavin has a long track record of founding highly successful tech startups. After co-founding Directi in 1998 with his brother, Divyank Turakhia, the two exited the business in 2014 in a $160 million transaction with Endurance (now Newfold Digital). Bhavin then went on to start Radix, a leading internet domain registry, and Zeta, the emerging leader in modern banking for customers worldwide.

Titan was born out of a vision to re-invent email for businesses, providing them access to tools that traditionally come at a premium price.

Titan’s features are designed to bring businesses closer to their customers. With Titan’s Scheduled Send, for example, users can time their new emails to send when they’re most likely to be read. And with Follow-Up Reminders, businesses can ensure that they stay persistent when following up on leads. Titan also includes Email Templates, which allow users to quickly send out new emails and recurring responses without having to draft them from scratch.

Partnering with Automattic

Titan is available to users exclusively through its partnerships with leading Web Presence Providers, including WordPress.com.