Threads, Instagram’s Rival to Twitter’s X, May Soon Offer an API for Developers

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri Hints at API Development, Cautions on Content Usage

When Threads, Instagram’s answer to Twitter’s X (formerly known as Twitter), initially launched, it left many users longing for features typically associated with social media platforms. However, in recent months, Threads has been on a mission to enhance the user experience by introducing several new features, including polls, a GIF posting option, and the ability to quote posts on the web. These additions aim to provide a more robust experience. Still, the absence of an API has left third-party developers unable to create custom features that could make Threads an integral part of users’ daily lives.

One significant example of this limitation is the inability of local transportation agencies to automatically post service alerts when a train is delayed, a feature commonly found on other social networks like Twitter. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, though, has hinted that Threads is actively working on an API for developers. However, he expressed concerns about how this API would be used, particularly in terms of the balance between publisher and creator content.