The United States no longer requires a COVID test for visitors flying into the nation

The United States no longer requires a COVID test for visitors flying into the nation

According to reports, the United States would no longer need international air travelers to undergo a COVID test before entering the country. According to sources, the move will go into effect on Sunday, June 12th, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will review the decision in three months. This means that passengers flying into the United States won’t have to worry about taking a COVID test before takeoff, at least until the summer travel season is finished.

According to the CDC’s travel requirement page, vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers had to receive a test the day before they entered the US prior to the reported change. The only exceptions were children under the age of two, who were not required to be tested.

This criterion was implemented in January 2021 in response to worries about the spread of the Alpha strain (which was later upstaged by the Delta and Omicron variants). It is the latest airline safety rule to be repealed; most airlines ceased wearing masks in April after a federal judge overturned the mandate requiring masks on public transportation.

According to reports, one American Airlines official slammed the US requirement, while Delta CEO Ed Bastian lobbied for the policy change, claiming that the vast majority of countries did not require testing. The United Kingdom, for example, states that visitors are not required to complete “any COVID-19 examinations” upon arrival. Countries such as Mexico, Norway, and Switzerland have comparable restrictions.

Other nations, such as Canada and Spain, are a little stricter: vaccinated passengers aren’t required to submit tests, but if you can’t prove proof of vaccination, a negative test result is necessary. Japan-based its requirements on the country from which the traveler is departing, whereas Australia requires immunization but not pre-travel testing.

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