The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro smartphone brings a revolutionary change to gaming standards, offering unmatched power and performance

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro smartphone brings a revolutionary change to gaming standards, offering unmatched power and performance

The upcoming TECNO SPARK 20 Pro phone is set to revolutionize the gaming experience with its high-definition capabilities and powerful 6-nanometer G99 processor, providing smooth performance and faster gameplay.

The innovative technology brand TECNO announced the launch of the SPARK 20 Pro phone on January 18. The latest addition to the SPARK 20 series, the SPARK 20 Pro is an enhanced device featuring a more efficient processor, driven by performance that exceeds expectations. It sets a new standard for excellence and power, providing the best user experience in its category, making it a deserving flagship device in its price range.

Being a series specifically designed for young consumers, SPARK has consistently positioned itself at the forefront with a focus on modern design and appearance, rich camera functionalities, and impressive processing power to enhance every aspect of the user experience. The new SPARK 20 Pro phone represents an unprecedented upgrade for this series.

In the world of budget smartphones, it is rare to find a perfect balance between leading features and an ideal price. but, the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro emerges as a bold competitor, offering a strong push for mobile gamers seeking a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. With a speed of 2.2 gigahertz at 6 nanometers, the MediaTek CPU (G99) in the SPARK 20 Pro outperforms its SDM (680) counterpart, according to globally recognized smartphone comparison sites.




That’s not all! SPARK 20 Pro puts more on the table with its superior algorithms, ensuring lifelike visuals and crystal-clear graphics that transport you into the heart of the gaming action. Its sleek design and modern aesthetics make it an eye-catcher, while its rich camera features capture your special moments in stunning detail.

The SPARK 20 Pro is equipped with a 108MP camera to deliver immersive image quality, significantly upgraded from the previous 50MP SPARK 10 Pro camera, making it one of the most powerful Smartphones with camera capabilities in the same price category. The front camera also supports photos with a resolution of 32 megapixels, supported by artificial intelligence, to ensure excellent photos whether alone or surrounded by friends, day or night, this is facilitated by the front flash with three different modes. Additionally, the camera features elegant metal edges that seamlessly blend with the tri-ring cosmic design.

Moreover, the SPARK 20 Pro phone comes with a MediaTek G99 Ultra Boost processor, with dual DTS stereo speakers (400% louder sound), which in turn gives you an immersive user experience that meets the high expectations and diverse needs of young consumers. While it also offers a massive 256GB memory and 21GB RAM (12GB + 9GB extended) to store all the wonderful memories. And a  6.78FHD+ screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz with an interactive island that will give you a completely different experience. In addition to a powerful battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and a charging speed of 33 watts.

The SPARK20 Pro is available at an attractive price of SAR 649 at Extra, Lulu Hypermarket, Nesto, Noon, Najd Telecom, and M2 Telecom, in addition to all telecom markets across the Kingdom. It also comes in four colors: Moonlit Black, Frosty Ivory, Sunset Blush, and Magic Skin 2.0 Green.