windows 11

The final big Windows 11 Update is here, Copilot on the way

October 31st is celebrated as Halloween, but for Windows users, it is also known as update day. Microsoft has released, what seems to be, the last big and significant Windows 11 update for users. There is a belief that Windows 12 will be the next big update for Windows users.

In the Windows 11 23H2 optional update that was seeded to users included some major changes including –

Windows CoPilot artificial intelligence tool

Updates to MS Paint which included a co-creator generative AI bot

A revamped Snipping tool

RGB support for gamers

A sleek new file explorer

Alongside this, Microsoft also managed to bundle chats into Microsoft Teams, making it an even better productivity package. This move, and for them to include the Chats integration into the free version as well, turned out to be a master stroke for the company, as this was accepted with open arms.

Another change was the ability for users to unpin Microsoft Teams from the task bar. Earlier, Microsoft Teams was shipped as a default tool, but post the optional update, this was removed and users could remove the application from the task bar, like any other application.

Coming to the upcoming update, there are some more changes that Microsoft will be bundling in. One of the most noteworthy ones is that Windows 11 System Component settings will now be bundled into a single label which will be called ‘System’.

We are still awaiting the full list of changes that Microsoft seeks to bring into the update, but it looks like there are exciting times ahead for Windows users.