The Fiat 500e will be available in the United States in 2024

The Fiat 500e will be available in the United States in 2024


Three one-off designer specimens were on hand for the presentation, which Fiat initially displayed during the 2020 premiere of Europe’s New 500. Customized versions of the EV hatch were supplied by Armani, Kartell, and Bvlgari. The constructions were intended to “embody the Italian spirit” and illustrate the new model’s “three souls”: sustainable design, sustainable fashion, and sustainable luxury.

The 500 Giorgio Armani has big “GA” brand wheels and the designer’s initials on the leather upholstery. It also has striking amber windows that contrast with the golden badging on the bodywork. The body is finished in a distinctive matt “Scarab Green” colour and has a laser-etched chevron pattern to enhance texture.

metal detail inlays. It’s a vehicle with all the fine touches you’d expect to find on a high-end designer handbag, and it works.

Kartell is a well-known Italian industrial designer who worked on the new 500e. The vehicle’s exterior is made out of glass, rubber, plastic, fabric, and metal that are all coated in the same shade of Kartell blue, which is drawn from the well-known Yves Klein blue. The paintwork is shiny “ecochrome,” and the Fiat and Kartell insignia are accentuated in contrasting polycarbonate plastic.

The upholstery is made of recycled plastic textiles on the inside. The seats are made from the same materials as Kartell’s existing furniture series. The dashboard is made of recyclable polycarbonate plastics and features a design inspired by the well-known Kartell Kabuki light.

With its B.500 “MAI TROPPO” design, Bvlgari adopted a high-concept approach to the car. It’s completed in a scorching orange hue with gold dust. The wheels are inspired by the Bvlgari star insignia, and the vehicle’s badging is completely gold-plated. The grille is decorated with the brand’s “Parentesi” design, which is also seen on the brand’s jewellery.

Bvlgari adorned the inside with lashings of patterned foulard silk. The seats are constructed of zero-impact leather, and the inlay panels have a similarly eye-catching geometric pattern. The steering wheel badge is also adorned with precious diamonds. These may be a problem in airbag deployment, but fancy designs are seldom concerned with such matters. It also comes with a unique hatbox and jewellery case, and the golden key to the car may be worn as jewellery if desired.

There haven’t been many tiny EVs on the market in the United States. Enthusiasts have frequently complained that the country is missing out on automobiles such as the New 500 and the Honda e. However, the tides are shifting. After a brief hiatus, the Chevrolet Bolt is currently available in significant quantities. Furthermore, rising petrol costs are anticipated to boost EV adoption, particularly of smaller, cheaper, more efficient vehicles. As a result, the new Fiat 500e appears to be ready to hit the market.