The easiest way to save a GIF on Twitter

The easiest way to save a GIF on Twitter

Twitter is the best micro-blogging platform on the internet, and it is also the most preferred tool for content creators to connect with their followers. The interface is simplistic, and that’s what makes Twitter an amazing tool to get the most critical points across without any fillers.

One of the newer ways for people to communicate on twitter is GIFs. GIFs have been trending ever since they were introduced as a built-in feature on all major platforms, and along with entertainment, GIFs also offer introverts, a creative outlet for their thoughts.

There are millions of GIFs circulating on Twitter everyday, and even more in the GIFs collection. You might think it is easy to search for GIFs, and it is, but what happens when you see a GIF you absolutely love but cannot find it easily in the GIF search?

You download the GIF from your Twitter timeline.

In this tutorial, we will show you the BEST way to save a GIF from Twitter.

If you do not have Twitter already, you can download and install the Twitter app for your Android smartphone using this link.