The Best Sports Games Ever Created

The Best Sports Games Ever Created
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The world’s of sport and gaming tend to collide rather beautifully judging by the various creations that have graced our television screens over the years.

Fans of both sport and gaming are incredibly loyal, huge in numbers and highly passionate, so coming up with a creation that will unite the two together is not only massively entertaining for both sets of fans but it can also be a highly successful way for developers to tap into a massive market and make a name for themselves.

There have been countless creations over the years with all kinds of sports featured, from the likes of tennis, soccer, cricket, horse racing – where you can race with Frankie Dettori on the magic 7 slot – American football and even athletics, to name just a few. The choice is vast and some of the games created have been absolute classics.

So, without further ado, below is a list of some of the best sports games ever. 


Quite simply, no sports game is as big as Fifa and its series of games. While FIFA 19 certainly has its faults, there’s still plenty of sporting entertainment to be had and no sports game is seemingly scrutinized as much as it, which of course comes with the territory of being the most popular sports game out there. FUT – still the game’s standout mode – has been improved further with a Division Rivals mechanic, which has been well received. Overall, FIFA 19 still delivers and is a must-play creation, even if you don’t like the sport of football.

WWE 2K19

With previous creations proving to be somewhat of a hit and on occasions a bit of a miss, WWE 2K19 has made a storming comeback with this one. Improvements such as Universe mode – where you can enjoy month after month of pay-per-view playing – and the retooled-from-scratch MyCareer have helped bolster the in the ring action and the entertainment backstage. Overall this game is excellent, especially for the wrestling fans out there.

NHL 19

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual sports fan, this is a game that everyone should buy immediately. Purchasing the game is almost certain to provide hours of endless enjoyment, making it one of the most addictive and fun sports games available on the market. NHL 19 has top-notch gameplay and graphics which, alongside the fast-paced play and occasional violence, make it a pucking great game to session.

PES 2019

A rival to FIFA 19 but perhaps behind it in most departments, PES 2019 is still an enjoyable creation to come out of the world of football. One of Pro Evo’s flaws is its loss of Champions League endorsement, with the licensing loss proving to be a big setback for the game’s creators. Despite this, though, PES still has plenty to offer with its slick graphics and decent gameplay, and is certainly a worthy candidate to give any gamer their football fix.

The Best Sports Games Ever Created

Out Of The Park Baseball 19

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Similar to the hugely popular Football Manager series of games – where players get the chance to enter the world of football management – Out Of The Park Baseball is a more strategic game but still an incredibly interesting and entertaining one. Players are able to make key decisions on pitch counts, base stealing and every other facet the game of baseball entails. This is the sort of game that can consume your days and nights if you aren’t careful, with things such as negotiating key trades and enticing free agents proving to be highly addictive.