Amazon has been going heavy in the AI train and Alexa is the best example of far the company has come in the realm of artificial intelligence and voice assistants.

The Amazon Alexa comes in many variants and the beauty of this product is that it caters to all price brackets. While you can ask Alexa to control a lot of smart devices at home, the primary use of this voice assistant is to enthrall you with some amazing curated music.


The BEST solution to try if Alexa stops playing music


Alexa has become a go-to for all music lovers and its customized experience that is really the standout in this wonderful assistant.

However, if your Alexa just stops playing music one day, there is no need to panic, because, in this tutorial, we are going to tell you the BEST solution if Alexa stops playing music.

Possible Cause – The most probable cause for Alexa to stop playing music is if there are network related issues in your home or office. Alexa thrives on a 5GHz band of WiFi and if there is a slower network or even a network outage, Alexa may stop playing music or even responding as a whole.

Solution – Here are somethings you can try to troubleshoot this problem.

  1. First this you want to do is reduce the network congestion. If you have many devices connected to the WiFI, you could try turning off the connection on the ones that are not needed all the time. This will free up the bandwidth and Alexa can start working again.
  2. Make sure your Alexa device placed in an open setting. Avoid placing next to walls, doors or even devices like baby monitors and microwave ovens.
  3. Make sure your Alexa device is connected to your 5GHz band of the WiFi.
  4. Restart your Alexa device and network hardware.
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Alexa is a smart device and as such is not prone to many errors on its end. Ensure that you have connected Alexa to a stable internet connection.