The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Casual, Pro, and Competitive Players


Number 2. Joy-Cons


The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Casual, Pro, and Competitive Players


The Joy-Con serves as the primary controller for the Nintendo Switch video game console. These wireless controllers can be used individually or attached to the Switch console to create a traditional controller. Additionally, they come equipped with motion controls and HD rumble capabilities.

There are multiple ways to utilize the Joy-Con. They can be connected to the Switch console in handheld mode, or they can be used wirelessly while the console is in tabletop or TV mode. Furthermore, they can be used independently, with each controller held in one hand, which is referred to as “Joy-Con grip” mode.

The Joy-Con boasts various features that contribute to its uniqueness. With motion controls, players can manipulate the game by moving the controllers around. Moreover, the presence of HD rumble enhances immersion by providing different vibration patterns that correspond to in-game events.

The Joy-Con has garnered praise for its versatility and innovative features. However, criticisms have been raised regarding their small size and the possibility of drifting issues. Drifting refers to a problem where the analog stick registers movement even when not being touched, leading to difficulties in game control and player frustration.

Overall, the Joy-Con represents a distinctive and adaptable set of controllers that open up a wide range of gameplay possibilities. Nonetheless, it is important for potential buyers to be aware of the potential drifting issue and its associated risks before making a purchase decision.


Number 3. HORI Split Pad Pro