Google applications have taken over our internet experience. Chrome has turned out ot be a game-changer for the web browser market with the majority of the market share now dominated by Google’s champion of the web. However, it’s not just the online performance that enthralls the users, Google has also sneaked in some little hidden gems across its platform for everyone to enjoy and also come across.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Best 5 Hidden Google Games.

Number 1. Dino Run 

This is by far the most popular of the hidden games that Google has put into its platform. Earlier, if you were operating the Chrome browser and you lost internet connectivity, you were greeted by the default internet connectivity lost message with a little pixel dino. However, it was later discovered that pressing the ‘Space Bar’ key on this page actually activates a little mini-game called Dino Run. The objective is simple – Control the Dino and jump over obstacles to set a score.


Google Games


The game is an endless scroller and can help you pass the time and calm the nerves in case of an internet outage.

Number 2. Tic Tac Toe

We have all played Tic Tac Toe during our school days and although it’s a simple game, it still has the tendency to make people spend hours at a time, trying to outwit their friends. Google has decided to pander to this nostalgia by actually placing the Tic Tac Toe game right into their algorithm.


The Best 5 Hidden Google Games


All you have to do is open the Google Search and type in ‘Tic Tac Toe’. You can thank us later !!

Number 3. Pac Man

Arcade gamers will know and adore the Pac Man game. It is one of the most revered games in history and has been relevant even today. If you are on your way to work or school and are craving some old school gaming fun. Open up the Google Search and search for ‘Pacman’. Google Search will now open a mini window for you to enjoy the game.


The Best 5 Hidden Google Games


Try it out and remember not to let the ghouls eat you !!

Number 4. Atari Breakout

This game has special importance because it was developed by none other than the founders of Apple – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Breakout was also one of the first professional arcade games to be developed and you can experience this game right on your Google Chrome browser.


The Best 5 Hidden Google Games


Open the Google Image search and search for Atari Breakout. Enjoy this bit of history !!

Number 5. Zerg Rush

This is by far the best experience we have had on a hidden Google game. Just type in ‘zerg rush’ and instantly, you are pushed into a game where you have to save your search bar from invading spaceships.

You can destroy the enemies with mouse clicks and the game ends if one of them hits your search bar. This is a super fun hidden Google game and you should definitely try it.


The Best 5 Hidden Google Games


These are the Best 5 Hidden Google Games you should definitely try on your PC or smartphone.