The 3 BEST controllers that you can buy for your Xbox

The 3 BEST controllers that you can buy for your Xbox


If you want a nice controller but don’t want to spend a lot of money — and don’t mind a wire — PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller is an excellent deal without losing too much. The full retail price is $37.99, although some hues may be had for as little as $26. Speaking of colors, the Enhanced Wired Controller is available in a broad range of hues and styles, including licensed ones from video game properties such as Mass Effect and Fallout. Some of these designs may make you think they’re cheap, cringe-inducing knockoffs, but the controller’s quality may surprise you when you use it.

First and foremost, let us address its main disadvantage: it requires a Micro USB connection. It does come with a long, detachable cable, however, the lack of a reversible connector is inconvenient. Fortunately, nothing else about this controller feels so out of date. Its build quality is excellent, and it even features two mappable rear buttons incorporated into the grips — an excellent feature at such a low price.

The rest of the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is rather standard, but it does everything effectively for a stupidly low price. PowerA eliminated impulse trigger rumbling, but if there’s one function to skimp on, that’s the one. On the other hand, the Enhanced Wired Controller comes with a two-year guarantee, which is twice as long as those of more expensive options like Microsoft’s Elite Series 2.

If you’re on a limited budget, PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller provides a lot of bang for your dollars. If you have a little extra money to spend, the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 is another superb controller that punches beyond its weight class. The Fusion Pro 2 appears to be a knockoff of Microsoft’s Elite Series 2, yet its original price of $89.99 is frequently reduced to as little as $62.99. This is the one to choose if you want a premium controller with extra features like four rear paddles and rubberized grips but your price is closer to that of a normal Xbox controller.


Number 3. Scuf Instinct Pro