Tesla's Cybertruck Charging Challenge: Unleashing the Power of 4680 Cells Reveals a Mixed Bag"

Tesla’s Cybertruck Charging Challenge: Unleashing the Power of 4680 Cells Reveals a Mixed Bag”

Tesla’s much-hyped Cybertruck has finally been put to the charging test. So how did this beast with a massive battery pack do at juicing up? Well, the results are a bit of a mixed bag.

When the Cybertruck debuted, there was tons of curiosity about whether its new 4680 battery cells could deliver on promised range, power and charging improvements. Compared to Tesla’s older 2170 cells, the 4680’s have better energy density and can pack more punch.

The YouTube channel Our Cyber Life just shared a video of them testing out a Cybertruck at a V3 Supercharger in Arizona. They started at 14% charge and let ‘er rip.



The truck hit a peak charging rate of 255kW, which is pretty speedy. But then things tapered off quickly, dropping to 150kW at 40% charge. By the time it hit 66%, speeds fell to 75-80kW and basically stayed there until 90% charge.

All in all, it took 50 minutes to go from 14% to 90%, adding 94kWh to the massive 123kWh battery. That’s not bad, but not amazing either compared to other EVs.

For example, Tesla’s own Model 3 Long Range charges a bit faster, which is surprising since the Cybertruck’s battery is way bigger. The Rivian R1T also had flatter, more consistent charging speeds in tests.

When looking at “miles added per minute charging,” a key practical metric, the Cybertruck also lags behind the Model 3. And it’s way slower than EVs like Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 that can hold 170+ kW up to 70-80% charge.

This wasn’t a perfect test. The charging station was busy so speeds may have been capped. Also, 800V charging could potentially juice up the Cybertruck faster, but wasn’t available here.