Tatsumeeko joins forces with Immutable X to improve its gameplay

Tatsumeeko joins forces with Immutable X to improve its gameplay

Tatsumeeko, an Ethereum and Solana role-playing game built by the company behind the Discord chatbot Tatsu.GG, announced today a cooperation with Immutable X. (IMX). The purpose of the collaboration is to improve Tatsumeeko’s gaming experience by emphasizing trackable ownership and transfer of in-game goods.

Immutable X is an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution that runs Web3 games. On October 20, it will support Tatsumeeko’s virtual land auction, Aethereal Parcels. The agreement, according to the game’s CEO and creative director David Lim, will result in a more safe and simplified player trading experience, with choices to conceal or expose Tatsumeeko’s crypto layers and utilize credit cards for digital asset transactions.

It will also help Tatsumeeko stand out from other GameFi initiatives by emphasizing experience rather than offering play-to-earn techniques. According to Lim, MMORPG gamers often buy in-game goods on “real money trading” websites, where they are exposed to scammers. As a result, the user experience suffers.

Tatsumeeko’s role-playing game takes set in the land of Ielia, where players may combat monsters, form communities, and interact with other gamers. It is also intended to be an introduction to crypto and NFTs, including NFT projects that connect directly to Tatsumeeko through its Discord channel. Last November, the game introduced the Meekolony Pass, a set of 10,000 genesis NFTs on Solana that provide holders with privileges, awards, and airdrops for their Tatsumeeko goods.

Tatsu.gg, the Tatsumeeko team’s initial product, today has over 62 million members and 1.4 million distinct Discord groups. Tatsumeeko announced a $7.5 million funding round headed by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Ventures, and BITKRAFT Ventures in July.

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