Western Digital announces its new range of best in class study gear

Western Digital announces its new range of best in class study gear

The last 12 months has brought about a major change to student learning environments, and technology has played a key role in making education more accessible than ever before. With the natural evolution of digital learning, fast reliable storage with back-up options and portability is crucial for schoolwork. Keep the risk of lost work at a minimum with Western Digital, the trusted digital storage partner of students across the world. 

iXpand Go: The Tech Must Have for Mobile and Tablet

Free up valuable space on mobile and tablet devices with the iXpand Go. Students can take pics and shoot video directly onto the drive.  Using the high-speed USB 3.0 connector, users can quickly transfer files from their iXpand Go to their computer, saying goodbye to emailing photos between devices. Choose from a range of capacities including 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. 


The iXpand Flash Drive Go is available starting from 169 AED for 64 GB.

Ultra Dual Drive Go USB Type-C: Sleek and Modern

The Ultra Dual Drive Go storage drive lets students easily move files between USB Type-C smartphone, tablets and Macs and USB Type-A computers. The device is built with portability in mind, so students can toss the device in their backpack without fear of damage and  with up to a 512GB capacity, they can take even more photos and access them across all devices.