Stranger Things 4 is the second Netflix show to reach 1 billion hours of viewing

Stranger Things 4 is the second Netflix show to reach 1 billion hours of viewing

Stranger Things 4, the most recent season of the hit program, has now become the second Netflix show to reach a billion hours of viewing. Viewers have spent a total of 1.15 billion hours viewing the season’s nine episodes since the first episode debuted on May 27th, including 301 million hours just this past weekend. Stranger Things 4 is now the second most-watched Netflix season of all time, trailing only Squid Game in 2021. According to Netflix, it was in the top ten in 93 countries this weekend. Stranger Things is so popular right now that it’s boosting past seasons as well: all four seasons were among Netflix’s six most-watched shows over the weekend, with just The Umbrella Academy keeping up.

Netflix’s viewership measuring technique is infamous for being strange and perplexing. The service counts how many people watch a show in the first 28 days after it is launched, although the statistics fluctuate greatly depending on how the episodes are delivered, how lengthy they are, and a variety of other factors.

Stranger Things’ success, if anything, highlights how massive Squid Game was: Stranger Things 4 is hours longer than Squid Game and had a months-long marketing effort behind it, but Squid Game still surpassed it with 1.65 billion hours viewed. Stranger Things may still be able to catch it; Netflix’s stats will no longer include the first batch of episodes, but the most recent two have a few weeks to gain viewing hours. Those episodes are also long — like, long-movie long — giving the show an even better chance of taking the top place. (As I previously stated, the measurement is perplexing.)

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So don’t read too much into the specifics other than to say that the current season of Stranger Things is really popular. It’s also extremely fantastic, and it sets up the program for a big finale next season. And it’s the type of enduring brand that Netflix has been anxious to create in recent years, so expect the company to continue pulling out all the stops to make viewers care about what happens in Hawkins, Indiana.

Stranger Things 5 will undoubtedly be a great success.

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