Step into Snap’s pioneering Augmented Reality Technology experiences at Web Summit Qatar 2024

With over 85% of daily Snapchat users in the MENA region actively interacting with Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses, the role of AR in enhancing community relationships is unprecedented in modern communication.  As such, for the region’s first ever Web Summit hosted in Qatar (26th-29th February),  Snap is inviting guests to visit a range of disruptive AR experiences that highlight how technology is changing the way we experience the world around us.

 Creators LENScape

Globally, over 350,000 AR creators and developers have built nearly 3.5 million AR Lenses which have been viewed over 3 trillion times, and for the first time in the region, Snap Inc. will be showcasing the work of both local and global AR Creators at the event, during Web Summit. Inspired by the wall of fame, the Creators Lenscape will feature Vanity Mirrors that will allow visitors to experience the wonders of full face tracking, garment segmentation, face distortion and more. In addition to showcasing lens recordings from Creators, the Snapcodes x World lenses technology will provide the opportunity for visitors to experience ground segmentation, sound recognition and immersive 3D objects. The experience is set to demonstrate how AR creators and developers utilized Snap’s Lens Studio to fuel their creativity and businesses.

 Snap BillboARds

The second interactive touchpoint showcases groundbreaking local and global partners, with cutting-edge applications of AR technology across various industries. AR creates a digital overlay on the world we see around us, and as pioneers in this space, Snap Inc. have been working with partners across the region to support businesses and drive ROI through its power.

What started as fun lenses is now transforming a host of industries such as Luxury/Fashion and Beauty, Sport and Tourism. At Web Summit Qatar, see how brands have created successful virtual fitting rooms for Snapchatters to try on the latest couture designs, experience virtual makeup try-ons for new products or train alongside their favorite athletes. Whether it’s through Snapchat’s ray tracing technology, AR try-ons, gaming, or face and world Lenses, AR is helping brands engage their customers, leading to greater connections.

The Future of Technology photobooth

As Snap continues to showcase the future of Generative AI to the world, the third interactive element of its presence at Web Summit Qatar features ‘The Future of Technology’ photobooth. Visitors will be able to transform their face into Anime characters while exposing visual effects that merge reality and digital artistry. With eyes on the future, the booth will allow visitors to discover the limitless possibilities AR holds for years to come.

Deeply rooted into the daily lives of GCC locals, Snapchat’s participation at the inaugural edition of Web Summit Qatar aims to offer a unique intersection where global meets local, exploring Snap’s leadership in AR and why it resonates so strongly in the region and its digital transformation agenda.