Stem Player Maker Introduces Portable Projector: Ye Dropped, Next-Gen Technology Unveiled

Stem Player Maker Introduces Portable Projector: Ye Dropped, Next-Gen Technology Unveiled

Kano Computing is back with another bizarre puck gadget with an intriguing but slightly confusing idea. The Stem Projector is a spin-off of the Stem Player, an audio remixing device released in 2021 in conjunction with Kanye West. The company’s new offering abandons the controversial Ye partnership and turns its emphasis from music to video.

In practise, the new item is a battery-powered projector for movies or art. You may view conventional movies, remix preloaded clips, and create visual landscapes with the Stem Projector. It resembles (but is significantly bigger than) the Stem Player in appearance, since it is likewise a fleshy puck with swirling lights and buttons. It contains a mini-HDMI connector for connecting other devices and supports AirPlay and Chromecast. However, with a stated maximum brightness of 300 lumens or 150 ANSI lumens, it will be difficult to market as a conventional projector.

The Stem Projector, on the other hand, expands on the company’s creative emphasis by inviting users to play and remix. For example, you may channel surf in the machine-learning-powered “Galaxy View,” a dreamy mix of preloaded and live material, by swiping your finger over its haptic, touch-sensitive ring array. Additional options allow you to adjust the size and form of the photos, as well as activate related thematic material. Kano also claims that it enables you to rotoscope characters and use effects such as splicing together footage with similar colour palettes.

The WiFi-enabled projector has 256GB of inbuilt storage and can be expanded with a microSD card. Furthermore, the tablet has a built-in kickstand that allows you to set it up at different angles. (By raising the gadget upright in its opening carrying case, you may project video onto higher walls or a ceiling.) According to the manufacturer, its battery can last four to five hours of continuous operation.



It seems like something you’d have to play with to properly understand — and decide if it’s worth the high asking price. Without that, we’re left with a rather fascinating marketing tease that hints a “what” but hasn’t yet provided a convincing “why.”

Kano is currently accepting pre-orders for the Stem Projector. The first 1,000 gadgets will cost $1,000 and will be offered in a limited-edition “sediment” hue starting in the spring. Following that, the business claims its pricing will decrease to $600 at an unspecified later date.

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