Steam's redesigned mobile app is now ready for download on Android and iOS

Steam’s redesigned mobile app is now ready for download on Android and iOS

Valve has upgraded the Steam mobile app for Android and iOS, and it’s noticeably different (in a positive way) from the prior version. In addition to a new appearance, it includes a few of new features designed to make it simpler to sign in to Steam without entering a Steam Guard code.

For starters, the program allows you to browse your complete game collection in a grid-like manner, displaying game covers and titles that you can search by using the available filters. You may remotely update and download games on your PC, as well as get alerts about deals, friend requests, and other events.

The app also has a new “store browsing experience for mobile displays,” as well as a method to search for and buy games, as well as the community and news elements included in the desktop version.

With the update, you may log in to your account on your PC or laptop by scanning a QR code, removing the need to input your username, password, or Steam Guard code. Steam claims that when you sign in using a QR code, the app will show a confirmation page as well as a map and geolocation of where your device is situated. You may then confirm that you are the person logging into your account and not a hacker.

If you don’t want to use your camera to sign in, you may authenticate your identity with an “Approve” or “Deny” prompt on the app. While this allows you to avoid inputting a Steam Guard code, you must still provide your account and password. The software will also show you a list of permitted devices, enabling you to remotely sign out of Steam if you left your account signed in on someone else’s PC, find out when it last used your account, or deny access entirely.

The beta version of the app was released by Steam in August. As someone who can never remember their Steam password (and finds Steam Guard codes irritating), this is a wonderful improvement. Steam also says it’s working on bringing its new QR code sign-ins to the Steam Deck and is upgrading its Chat app with “various bug patches,” which will be available for Android today and iOS “soon.”

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