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Why You Should Start Your Email Marketing Campaign NOW

Email marketing is a tool that small businesses periodically turn to partly because of its affordability and ease of use. Although the idea of embarking on a new marketing campaign is always daunting, your first email campaign can be as simple as sending holiday cards to wish customers well and remind them that your business still exists. Best of all, sending emails to hundreds of clients will take only around five minutes. From holiday greetings, businesses can go on and send monthly newsletters and other promotional materials. Dental practices can also embark on their own email marketing campaigns. Here are a few things to remember when getting started with email marketing.

Yes, you are ready.


Email Marketing


Some dentists# hold back because they feel that they aren’t ready yet. But this entire idea is more imagined than real especially since email marketing is extremely easy to get started. For just ten minutes each week, dentists can connect with probably ten patients through e-newsletters and maybe even fill at least one empty appointment.

Why You Should Start Your Email Marketing Campaign NOW

The most challenging part of this sort of campaign is collecting email addresses. You can start with the more cooperative patients. If there are patients who are not that willing to give out their email addresses but are fine with receiving text messages, you can ask for their mobile phone numbers and build a separate list for them.

Be persistent

Don’t expect email marketing to work immediately. On the other hand, what email allows you to do is have continuous communication with your new and prospective patients. And with this kind of campaign, only those individuals who are interested to learn about your new services will choose to receive your email newsletters. Those who are disinterested can simply opt-out.

Come up with a calendar

Communication with clients is generally helpful. But the question now is how frequently should you send out email newsletters? Will sending one monthly be good enough or do you think that it would be too frequent? You can send out quarterly newsletters and then occasional announcements of special services and other promotions. The main idea is to send out regular but respectful communication.

Write compelling content

Your email newsletters are just as good as the articles found in them. When dentists still made use of direct mail, the printing costs prohibited them from publishing the best articles. But with email marketing, you can customize your newsletters the way that you see fit and you do not have to worry about production costs.

# The author has taken dentist as an example to showcase how email marketing actually can help a dentist benifit from email marketing,email marketing will have the same impact of  brand awareness and marketing boost to whichever genre its applied.

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