Starfield PC Performance at 8K: A Test of High-Resolution Gaming

Exploring Starfield's Performance on a High-End PC at 8K Resolution with FSR

The launch of Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, has brought significant expectations, especially for Xbox consoles. As an exclusive title on the latest generation of Xbox devices, Starfield is a crucial release for Microsoft. However, it’s worth noting that the game is also available on PC, offering a potentially superior gaming experience with its uncapped framerate.


PC Gaming Advantage for Starfield

While Xbox Series X users are limited to a 30 frames per second (fps) cap, PC gamers can enjoy Starfield with an uncapped framerate. This feature positions PC as the platform of choice for those seeking the best performance. Furthermore, the modding community’s potential contributions to Starfield, including the addition of new features and fixes, make PC an attractive option for many players.


Setting Expectations for Starfield’s PC Performance

As Starfield’s release approached, PC gamers were eager to discover its performance capabilities, especially at higher resolutions. However, it was important to manage expectations. Bethesda games have often been associated with quirks and performance issues, so there was a concern that the PC port might exhibit poor performance at launch.