Spotify's Stream On: Tune In for the Next Big Thing on March 8th
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Spotify’s Stream On: Tune In for the Next Big Thing on March 8th

Spotify has announced the date and location of the next Stream On event. The talk, geared mostly for creators, will take held on March 8th at 1PM ET.

In 2021, the firm began hosting Stream On events to demonstrate new improvements, creative tools, and exclusive podcasts. Expect more of the same this time, with Spotify promising to demonstrate how it is “unlocking new opportunities for more artists than ever before.” It will unveil tools and initiatives that will assist producers in reaching new audiences, building a community, and achieving success in music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio forms (though Spotify has dialled back its live audio efforts).

Let’s hope we eventually receive more information regarding the long-awaited CD-quality music streaming option. Spotify HiFi was introduced over two years ago during the initial Stream On demonstration, and the company assured us in early 2022 that it was still in the works.

Spotify doesn’t do many public events, but it’s always interesting to hear about what the firm has in the works, particularly when it comes to innovations that affect the platform’s customer side. The forthcoming episode of Stream On will be available to watch live on Spotify’s website and YouTube channel.