Sony's ZV-1F is the company's most affordable vlogging camera to date

Sony’s ZV-1F is the company’s most affordable vlogging camera to date

The ZV-1F is Sony’s third and most affordable vlogging camera, designed for creators as a “step up” from smartphones. It’s $500, which puts it below the $700 ZV-1 compact and $750 mirrorless ZV-E10 (with a kit lens), and it has a Type-1 Exmor 20.1-megapixel sensor, 4K video, and features that help novice users get up and running quickly.

While it uses a Type-1 sensor similar to the ZV-1, it trades the 24-70mm zoom for a wide-angle, 20mm equivalent prime lens. Because of the larger field of view and fully-articulating display, it may be better for vlogging or selfies than the ZV-1, allowing people to better fit themselves into the frame.

However, it is less versatile for shooting products, other people, and so on, despite the fact that it has a digital zoom of 2x in 1080p and about 1.5x in 4K. It lacks in-body stabilization and instead relies on electronic stabilization, which results in a 1.23x crop, making the 20mm lens about 25mm.