Sony Reports Strong Sales for PSVR 2, Defying Initial Speculation

Sony Reports Strong Sales for PSVR 2, Defying Initial Speculation

Sony has announced that its latest virtual reality headset, PSVR 2, is on track to outsell its predecessor, the original PlayStation VR. During a recent business webcast, Sony revealed that it sold approximately 600,000 units of PSVR 2 in the first six weeks since its launch on February 22, 2023. According to Sony, this is an 8% increase compared to the sales figures of the original PlayStation VR during the same timeframe.

These sales figures are in contrast to earlier speculation about the performance of PSVR 2. Reports had suggested that pre-orders for the headset were lacklustre, and some analysts predicted a lower financial year target for Sony. However, Sony’s positive sales report indicates that the demand for PSVR 2 may be stronger than initially anticipated.

While some analysts remain cautious about the VR market’s current economic climate, Sony’s commitment to PSVR 2 suggests that the company believes in its potential. SIE president Jim Ryan stated that it is too early to judge the market performance of PSVR 2, indicating that Sony is dedicated to supporting and growing the VR headset’s demand.

To further boost sales and showcase the capabilities of PSVR 2, Sony has planned a significant presence for VR games at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. This suggests that PSVR 2 is still evolving and may receive more exclusive titles in the future.

As the VR landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how PSVR 2 fares in the market. Sony’s strong sales figures indicate that the headset is off to a promising start, and the company’s ongoing commitment and investment in the VR space suggest a continued focus on delivering immersive gaming experiences to its customers.

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