Some TikTok viewers now have a less crowded viewing experience

Some TikTok viewers now have a less crowded viewing experience

Some TikTok users have begun to notice a “Clear Mode” option, which allows them to watch a video without the UI overlay that normally displays things like the favorite and comment buttons, as well as other video information. TikTok stated that the feature is currently being tested, but it’s unknown how many people have access to it.

Those in the test group can access clear mode by hitting the Clear Mode button on the menu that appears after pressing and holding on to a video. To exit clear mode, use the same way, and there’s also a button in the bottom right corner that returns you to the usual UI.

If you enable Clear Mode, you will be able to view a TikTok video without all of the window chrome, but if you scroll to the next video, the UI will return, and you will need to reenable clear mode to receive the genuine full-screen video experience. That’s not how I’d expect it to work, but it makes sense for the company to develop the feature in this manner; it ensures that you’ll be able to see who made the video and what sound it uses.

The fact that TikTok is adding this feels like more proof that the firm is focused more on lengthier films – the maximum time restriction for TikToks has increased from one minute to ten minutes in the last year. When the UI standing in the way of a 30-second video may be minor, I doubt many people want to watch something for 10 minutes while the main content is obscured by buttons and continuously shifting text and icons.

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If the mode was intentionally designed to focus on longer-form content, it would also explain why you had to reenable it every time. While it’s difficult to rationalize activating the long-press menu and hitting the button to view something less than a minute long, it makes more sense when you’re settling down to watch something.

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