Sky Live Lets You Watch TV with Friends, Even if They're Far Away

Sky Live Lets You Watch TV with Friends, Even if They’re Far Away

Sky, the UK broadcaster, has introduced a new webcam device called Sky Live, designed to enhance the functionality of its Sky Glass smart TVs. The announcement reveals that the device, which attaches magnetically to the top of the TV via USB-C and HDMI, offers a range of features including watch parties with friends, fitness and gaming capabilities, video calls, and group chats.

Fraser Stirling, Sky’s global chief product officer, highlighted the ability of Sky Live to transform the TV into a multifunctional entertainment hub for the home. He emphasized the device’s motion control games, body tracking technology for workouts, video calling on the big screen, and the opportunity to watch TV with loved ones, even when physically apart. Stirling also emphasized the continuous improvement of Sky Live through regular updates within the powerful Entertainment OS ecosystem.