Skullcandy, the lifestyle performance audio brand, launched its first international concept store in Dubai, UAE today. Inspired by the creativity and irreverence of youth culture, the concept store showcases the entire range of over ear, on ear, buds, sports performance, speakers, Bluetooth, women’s, football, and gaming. Motivated to present its brand in its purest form, the Skullcandy store embodies creativity, music, art, active lifestyle and youth.


“It’s an excellent way for our consumers to understand the Skullcandy brand story, and to experience our product innovation and quality before they buy” – Mohammed Falaknaz, Mohammed Falaknaz, Managing Partner of the management team office in Dubai (Headcase)


Innovations such as the patented immersion Crusher technology that delivers base you can feel, not just hear. And the Women’s line is both engineered for the specific way a woman hears differently than a man, and custom designed for the unique head size and ear shape of the ladies. The placement of its first international concept store in Dubai was not random. According to Skullcandy they envision themselves as Dubai and like the nation, it has a reputation for being innovators, pioneers, and risk takers and consumers in Dubai live life on their own terms. The new concept store is perfectly placed not only at the epicenter of Middle East retail but the undeniable international capital of shopping.


“We’re really excited with this opportunity to open Skullcandy’s first dedicated store outside the USA. We have some great stories to tell, and we now have a chance to share them all with our brand audience. We’re very confident this first experience will be an inspiration that leads to more doors across our territories. I want to thank the Dubai team for making this happen.”- Thierry Peuchot, Skullcandy Marketing Director EMEA & India, SkullCandy

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