Silent but Deadly: Apple TV and Music Invade the Microsoft Store

Silent but Deadly: Apple TV and Music Invade the Microsoft Store

Apple Music and Apple TV applications have discreetly found their way to Microsoft Windows 11 as preview versions, according to a tweet from @ALumia Italia. The applications may now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, along with a preview software called Apple Devices, which enables users to “control Apple devices from your Windows PC,” according to the description.

This is hardly surprising given that Microsoft said at its 2022 Surface presentation that the applications will be arriving to Windows 11 this year. Apple’s independent Windows media applications have been in the works for a long time, with the firm hiring developers to create them as far back as 2019. The goal is to ultimately replace them on Windows, just as they have done on Mac.

According to 9to5Mac, all of the applications seem to need Windows 11 Build 22621 or above, but all appear to work properly. The Apple TV app works similarly to the Xbox or Smart TV apps in that it provides access to Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels, as well as movies and TV programmes from the iTunes Store. The Apple Music app, on the other hand, lacks the lyrics function but is otherwise identical to the macOS version.

In terms of Apple devices, it replaces iTunes for sync and backup. It enables users to backup Apple devices, sync local media, and restore firmware without using iTunes.

When users use them for the first time, they will be notified that iTunes for Windows will cease to function and that they must delete the programmes in order to continue using iTunes. This isn’t strictly a negative thing, since iTunes for Windows isn’t very user-friendly.

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