Sergio Perez warns that Red Bull's true pace wasn't shown during the Baku sprint

Sergio Perez warns that Red Bull’s true pace wasn’t shown during the Baku sprint

In the three Grands Prix of the season so far, Red Bull has held a clear advantage over the rest of the pack in race trim. However, it seems that Ferrari has made major inroads into that buffer. Perez claimed that he felt there was more pace in the Red Bull RB19 during the Baku sprint, potentially distorting the true picture somewhat. Perez also believes that it is not only Red Bull who have more pace to unleash.

Speaking to reporters after the sprint, Perez said, “I think I had more pace than what I’ve shown today, but it’s difficult to know because if you use your 100% pace then probably the tyres become a problem, so I think I was just driving to the maximum capacity of the tyre basically. I think all cars are much better than this, but it’s all about looking after the tyres and making sure to arrive at the end.”