Samsung's Global Sleep Study Unveils Startling Insights Into Our Sleep Habits

Samsung’s Global Sleep Study Unveils Startling Insights Into Our Sleep Habits

Samsung's 2023 Global Sleep Health Insights Study Shows How Millions of Nights of Sleep Data Can Improve Our Slumber

In a room filled with cautious deer, easygoing walrus, and sensitive hedgehogs, alongside a lurking alligator and an exhausted shark, you might wonder what’s going on. But you’re not in a bizarre zoo – you’re in the midst of Samsung’s groundbreaking sleep study results presentation in New York City.

The 2023 Global Sleep Health Insights, presented by Samsung Research Vice President James Geraci, is the outcome of a colossal study that analyzed a staggering 716 million nights of sleep data from June 2021 to May 2023. This vast dataset was made possible by the millions of smartwatches Samsung has sold worldwide, including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. In comparison, the typical sleep study collects data for only seven or eight nights.

The key question arising from this monumental endeavor is whether this treasure trove of information can help us improve the most basic of human functions: sleep. According to Geraci, the answer is a resounding yes. With the extensive data and the multitude of devices in Samsung’s arsenal, the company believes it can assist individuals who struggle with sleep in achieving a better night’s rest. Sleep is a deeply personal and age-dependent aspect of life, and adapting one’s behaviors to ensure restful sleep becomes increasingly important as we transition through various life stages.