Samsung Unveils Upcoming Flagship and Budget Android Tablets in Leaks

The landscape of the best Android tablets is poised for a potential shakeup, as leaks reveal details about Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and budget-friendly Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Starting with the high-end model, which is anticipated to succeed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, it has recently surfaced for regulatory approval in South Korea. While the specifics remain undisclosed, this approval indicates that the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus is officially cleared for consumer sales.

The previous iteration, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus launched in July 2023, boasted premium features such as a 12.4-inch screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of internal storage. Priced at $999.99 / £999 / AU$1,699, it set a benchmark for high-end tablets, and expectations are similarly high for its successor.

Moving on to the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, details have emerged from the Google Play Console database, revealing some specifications. The tablet is expected to sport a 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution screen and an Exynos 1280 chipset with 4GB of RAM. While not the most powerful device, its affordability is likely to be a key selling point.

It’s worth noting that Samsung has previously released tablets under the same moniker, with the 2022 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite featuring a 10.4-inch display, a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor, and 4GB of RAM. Priced at £350 / $350 (approximately AU$535), it offered a budget-friendly option for consumers.

As leaks continue to surface, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the official announcements and further details about these upcoming Samsung tablets, which are poised to make waves in both the flagship and budget segments of the Android tablet market.