Samsung Introduces Latest Home Appliance Lineup featuring Enhanced Connectivity and AI Capabilities at the ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ Global Launch Event

Samsung Introduces Latest Home Appliance Lineup featuring Enhanced Connectivity and AI Capabilities at the ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ Global Launch Event

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today showcases its latest home appliance lineup at the press conference held in the global launch event, ‘Welcome to ‘BESPOKE AI’, which takes place in three locations – Seoul, Paris, and New York City. Samsung shares its vision for how connectivity amongst them can improve the overall experience at home and how artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the performance of appliances.

Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics, kicked off the marathon of events by opening the media event at the Seoul ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ by describing how Samsung home appliances not only perform well with the usual tasks but can do more than previously imagined with AI applied. Especially with screens added to the refrigerator, induction range, and laundry machine, Bespoke appliances become a platform for entertainment, as well as an easy-to-access control hub for other connected Samsung appliances through SmartThings.

“Since the first introduction of BESPOKE in 2019, Samsung Electronics has presented to the market on how appliances can be customized to best fit each user’s home and lifestyle,” said JH Han. “Five years later, we now share our vision for AI in appliances with the products that expand the Bespoke legacy through enhanced connectivity and AI capabilities that will take the consumer experience to the next level.”

Bespoke AI Appliances Sync to Create New Experiences in Various Home Spaces

With built-in Wi-Fi, internal cameras, AI chips and compatibility with the SmartThings application, Samsung’s latest Bespoke AI appliances come with enhanced features and connectivity to lay the foundation for a truly smart home. Also, the new AI Home, a connected 7-inch LCD display that has been added to multiple products, provides intuitive, easy access and control over the whole connected ecosystem.

The AI Home includes 3D Map View, a feature that provides users with a full 3D view of the house, allowing them to easily locate all the appliances that are connected and control them. When users are cooking in the kitchen and feel that the temperature is too hot, for instance, they could turn on the air conditioner in other rooms through the AI Home on the induction range without leaving the pots and pans unattended. While doing laundry, they could also start the robot vacuum cleaner in the living room from the AI Home on the washing machine, without having to make the journey back and forth.

Also, users can receive calls coming to their phones through the AI Home, allowing them to answer timely while also continuing the housework they were doing. Moreover, the AI Home not only makes housework easier, but more enjoyable as well. Users can play their favorite songs, watch videos on the Internet app, or refer to recipes on the screen while they are cooking.

Considering how people have mobile phones with them most of the time, Mobile Smart Connect is a new feature that pushes an alert to the phone when it is at close range with registered appliances. The pop-up notification includes quick control menu to execute key functions for the appliance directly from the phone, so users no longer have to search the house, looking for the actual remote control. This eliminates even the few steps and clicks that were required to access same features in the SmartThings application.

At the BESPOKE AI event, Samsung also showcases the new feature ‘Calm Onboarding’, which makes it easier for users to join Samsung’s connected life. It frees users from having to go through the hassle of product registration, as it directly registers products purchased under a Samsung account at on to the SmartThings app with the same account.

To provide assurance to users as they step into the era of hyper-connected home appliances driven by technological advancement, Samsung also highlighted its comprehensive Knox security platform that protects all user data located on the connected appliances.