Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra May Ditch Curved Display for Flat Edges, Hinted by Leaks

In an unexpected turn of events, rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could diverge from its predecessors by adopting a flat-edged display, potentially reintroducing screen bezels. The renowned tipster Ice Universe has indicated that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is poised to feature a flat screen with bezels measuring 3.42mm on the left and right sides, and 3mm on the top and bottom edges.

According to Ice Universe, this alteration would yield the Galaxy S24 Ultra a screen-to-body ratio of 88%, marking “the lowest screen-to-body ratio of a Samsung flagship since the Galaxy S10.” Comparing these bezel measurements to those of the Galaxy A54, known for its substantial bezels, adds context to the potential design shift.

Until now, Samsung’s flagship phones, especially those bearing the ‘Ultra’ moniker, have embraced curved displays since the Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the tipster’s claims hint that the Galaxy S23 Ultra might be the last in the line of Samsung’s curved-screen phones.



As discussions surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone series are still in the early stages, the designs being discussed could be subjected to considerable changes before they materialize. Therefore, it’s wise to approach this information with a measure of skepticism.

Furthermore, Samsung Display, the screen-manufacturing arm of the South Korean tech giant, appears to be prioritizing bezel-less screens for smartphones in its roadmap. This commitment to bezel-less screens raises questions about the likelihood of a departure from the established design trend seen in the Ultra series, especially considering that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is celebrated for its exceptional display.



The potential shift away from curved displays could address some concerns that users have had over the years. Curved edges, while providing more screen space, have also introduced challenges, including interference with regular usage and difficulties in applying screen protectors. Opting for flat edges could enhance grip and mitigate these drawbacks but might result in more visible bezels.

In recent times, smartphone manufacturers have often offered models with curved displays alongside those featuring flat edges. This segmentation caters to user preferences. The inclination toward flatter curved display edges, striking a balance between aesthetics and practicality, has been noted and appreciated. Phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra have been praised for making their curved displays more manageable to hold.

As the release of the Galaxy S24 Ultra draws closer, more concrete details about its design and features will likely emerge. Whether Samsung indeed opts for a departure from curved displays in favor of flat edges remains to be seen, and as 2023 progresses into 2024, anticipation around Samsung’s flagship lineup will undoubtedly intensify.