Samsung Considering 7-Year Updates for the Galaxy S24, Similar to Google

Samsung appears poised to match Google’s newly unveiled 7-year Android software support pledge – at least to some degree.

According to Android Headlines, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup will also receive security updates for 7 years following launch. It’s a nice boost over the current 5 years of support. However Samsung’s promise reportedly covers only security patches, not major Android OS updates.

The rumor aligns with reports last year that Samsung was considering extending update longevity to better compete with Google’s Pixel phones. The Pixel 8 series recently made waves by guaranteeing OS updates all the way until Android version 24 in 2030.

We’ll get official Galaxy S24 details, including update timeframes, at Samsung’s Unpacked launch event this Wednesday. The new phones are rumored to boast eye-catching AI capabilities to complement expected performance upgrades.

It’s important to note two types of phone software updates. Major OS updates add shiny new features – like Android 14’s custom lock screens. Security updates deliver crucial patches without bells and whistles.

Devices still function after update support lapses, but can become more vulnerable over time. So guarantees like Samsung’s 7 years matter, even if covering only security fixes.

Google’s 7-year Pixel 8 pledge encompasses both OS and security updates. For context, Apple’s current iPhone software supports models back to 2018’s iPhone X.

So if accurate, while Samsung isn’t quite matching Google’s unusually long support window, it’s still a welcome improvement. Extending protection against bugs and hacks, even absent Android version features, will let users hold onto Galaxy phones longer.